I have always been fond of animals. Animals have this amazing way of giving their love to their owners. We must give them extra attention specially in pain.

A person’s character reflects on how He/she treats an animal, I am a firm believer of that. As an animal lover, currently I have three cats. & I love them to death. Specially this one cat “Simba” I have him since 8 years now. The bond I have with him is so hard to define. He understands my tears & I understand his.

People who really love animals & can take up with the health challenges and responsibilities should get pets other wise its useless. They need our attention constantly. They are not like a decoration piece. I have actually seen people getting white Persian cats only because they look pretty. They are not willing to put in the effort for developing the bond between their pets.

Love all living beings– plants or animals. It shows your character. It shows how compassionate a person is.

Kisses to all pets! mwahs