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The Help- a beautiful movie released in 2011 actually an adaptation of a novel by Kathryn Stockett. Loved it to bits!!


The movie actually tells a story about how racism was practiced. How African Americans were so horrible degraded on the basis of their color. Then a white girl combines all their stories& brings it to the world.

This movie made me thinking, why would someone feel superior on the basis of their color? That is something bestowed upon them from God, & nothing that they accomplished on their own, right? Then why do we become so blind in pride that we tend to forget who others are? Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion etc. These are just so common these days that we have actually accustomed to them. that’s sad.

Racism is something so old and degrading but is still practiced today. Why? Is it because people are dumb or that they just follow whatever nonsense their ancestors have been following or is it because they don’t have the awareness to do something about it? Or above all they don’t have the courage? I bet its courage. Have you wondered why is it just so easy to do what others are doing and just follow the lot? It’s because it takes courage to speak up and stand up for what you believe.

In the modern world that we are living today, with the freedom of speech, religion, and a Black President in the USA, we still see and hear stories on racism. Why do we disregard someone on the basis of their color? Be it black, white, brown whatever. Can a color actually tell the stories behind a person’s eyes? I don’t think so. Then why judge?  We keep forgetting that the entire colors combine to create a rainbow and God did that for a purpose. Purpose= everyone is equal at the same level and at the same point. When God didn’t discriminate then who are we?

What can we do? We combine together or one at a time can bring change. We can change our habits, we can try our best not to discriminate on any basis. We must respect the values of others & let them live the way they want.